Do Nightshades Cause Inflammation?

What are nightshades? This family of plants include a number of herbs, fruits and vegetables we often eat, but also some deadly members, like Belladonna, also known as the devil’s cherries. Are they good for us or unhealthy? There’s a belief that many cause inflammation. In fact, tomatoes were once considered poisonous. People did get […]

The Importance Of Mental Fitness

People who live in New York often say a lot of their problem comes from living in the big city. People who live in Louisiana, might blame the floods or other issues for their poor attitude. No matter where you live there are pros and cons. Your happiness all starts with you and your mental […]

Is Honey Vegan?

If you’re vegan, you avoid animal products, such as milk, eggs, meat and any products made from animals. Some vegans differentiate animal and insect products, allowing the second group, which includes honey. Others consume honey in their diet. So, what are the reasons for avoiding this sweet treat? Honey is viewed as non-vegan by some […]

Why Vitamin D Is So Important

If you’re taking advantage of every method to improve your health, don’t forget to make sure you have adequate vitamin D. Covid brought the need for vitamin D to improve your immune system, when studies found that the people most affected by covid 19, also had a vitamin D deficit. Unlike other vitamins, your body […]

What Is The Primal Diet?

If you’re eating a caveman diet, you may be eating a primal diet. But you also could be following a Paleo diet. Both are similar and linked to the way people ate before farming was developed and long before the world was industrialized. What’s the difference between the two? The differences are small. A Paleo […]

Ways To Eliminate Fatigue And Bloating

You might not connect the two but bloating and fatigue are often symptoms of the same problem. Most people have experienced one or both at some time in their life, and in some cases, the reason is simple. Fatigue can come from working too hard or not getting enough sleep. Excess gas and bloating can […]

Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

Anyone who has ever visited Louisiana, knows they’re famous for their desserts, like pecan pralines, king cake or bananas Foster. That makes it difficult if you’re trying to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle. The good news is that you don’t have to give up sweets entirely to live healthier. In fact, dark chocolate […]

Main Problems With Processed Food

No matter where you live, processed food is popular. I see it all the time in Louisiana. It doesn’t matter whether you’re stopping at a drive-through or shopping at the store, processed foods are part of our everyday life. There are problems with processed food that directly affect your health. While not all processed foods […]

Can Exercise Stabilize Mood Swings?

There are a lot of different causes of mood swings. Even though the first idea that may have come to your mind is a mental condition called bipolar disorder, chronic physical conditions and injuries can cause them, too. Dementia, concussions, stroke, Parkinson’s and other neurological problems can cause them. So can diabetes, MS, sleep disorders […]

Ways To Decrease Inflammation

Inflammation is an important function of the body. It helps protect the body from invaders that cause infection and disease. That’s called acute inflammation and necessary to keep the body alive. However, too much inflammation or chronic inflammation, even at low levels, can be damaging to the body. Inflammation inside arteries, for instance, can cause […]

Ways To Increase Digestive Health

It’s no fun to have issues with digestion. Whether it’s gassiness, bloating, pain or vomiting, it’s all uncomfortable and something you want to avoid. There are natural ways to improve your digestive health and also improve other areas of your health. While not every digestive issue has to do with lifestyle or can be solved […]

Should I Consider A Split Workout Schedule?

Before you can decide if a split workout schedule is right for you, you have to know exactly what it is. If you’re working all parts of your body at one session, you’re doing a full body workout. If you’re working the upper body at one session and the lower body at another, you’re doing […]

Can Apple Cider Vinegar Help Promote Better Cholesterol?

No matter where you live in the US, whether it’s Baton Rouge, LA, Dallas TX, or in the Northwest territory, staying healthy has become more of a focus. Most people realize that diet and exercise play an important role in preventing many conditions. Some foods seem to be miracle foods, since they provide the body […]

Love Your Body At Every Weight

You might live in Louisiana or any place in the US and hear people bash themselves for being overweight or out of shape. That doesn’t help or change a thing. In fact, it’s counterproductive. You need to love your body at every weight. Loving your body doesn’t mean you’re accepting being overweight permanently. It means […]

Hamstring Stretches You Need To Do

What are your hamstrings? Your hamstrings are the group of muscles at the back of your thigh that start at the bottom of the pelvis and end at the back of the knee. These muscles aid in keeping your pelvis aligned properly. They’re among the many muscles that help attach leg bones to the pelvis […]

No Scale Lifestyle

There may be a liar in your house. It could be your bathroom scale. While it may always weigh you properly and give the right weight, sometimes that doesn’t give the whole picture. Sometimes, particularly when starting a program of fitness, checking your weight too frequently can discourage you and even cause you to quit. […]

Be A Healthier Version Of You

If you’re spending time sitting on the sidelines, wishing you had more energy or felt better to enjoy the fun, it’s time to get a healthier version of you. If you take better care of your vehicle than you do of yourself, it’s time to make changes. Start valuing yourself the same way you value […]

How To Eat Well While Traveling

You don’t have to take a long road trip or even travel far, traveling can set your weight loss and healthy eating plans back months. It doesn’t have to happen that way, you can eat well while traveling if you plan ahead, even if you normally use food processors or juicers to make your normal […]

Should I Workout If I’m Pregnant?

I’ve had lots of questions regarding the safety of working out when you’re pregnant and my first answer is always to check with your health care professional before you start any exercise program or special diet. Every person is different and every pregnancy is different. While it might be perfectly safe for one woman to […]

How To Fit In Exercise During The Workday

While going to the gym or doing a workout at home is ideal, you can also exercise during the workday. That can be especially important when you have to work late or attend a function at your child’s school right after work. One way to avoid the problem is to exercise the first thing in […]

Is Walking Enough Physical Activity?

If you’re completely out of shape, have a physical problem or barely able to make it down the aisle of the grocery without stopping to rest, then walking is one of the best options for physical activity. It’s also a good exercise for those days you can’t do a regular workout. You can do it […]

Artificial Sweeteners Good Or Bad?

Whether you live in Louisiana, Texas, or any other part of the country, eating healthier does mean giving up foods with added sugar, but that doesn’t mean you should put in artificial sweeteners instead. While there are a lot of health issues from eating too much sugar, there are different ones that occur when you […]

Health Benefits Of Oatmeal

We love to eat good food in Louisiana, and the cuisine is known worldwide as one of the best. However, not all the food is healthy. Sometimes, turning to something simple, like oatmeal is one way to boost your health benefits. That doesn’t mean you should add sugar to it or use it for topping […]

Ways To Mix Up Your Workout

I have clients in Louisiana, that love the variety offered in our workout videos. It helps them prevent boredom. There’s another reason to mix up your workout and that’s to avoid plateauing. At one time or another, everyone has faced plateauing. It can occur for a number of reasons, including lack of variety in your […]

Get The Body You Want

I have clients from all over the world, including the great state of Texas, they all seem to want several things. They want to feel better, have more energy and look better. While exercise won’t make you taller or change body type, you can trim your body and make it svelte and muscular. You can […]