How To Eat Well While Traveling

You don’t have to take a long road trip or even travel far, traveling can set your weight loss and healthy eating plans back months. It doesn’t have to happen that way, you can eat well while traveling if you plan ahead, even if you normally use food processors or juicers to make your normal diet. Whether traveling by plane, train or automobile, there are ways to help you stay on course for a healthy eating plan. The first place to check are the “things to do” sites that offer information about the restaurants in the town or along the way.

Pack a meal or healthy snacks.

You might not be able to bring all your meals, especially if you’re flying, but you can bring snacks. Having healthy snacks available, can help you no matter how you travel. You don’t have to pay a fortune at airport restaurants or be ravenous at supper if you have snacks that can be a supplement. If you’re driving, have a cooler that’s filled with healthy food, including regular meals. You can stop along the ways and exercise your legs a bit and have a picnic lunch. Refill your cooler by stopping at a local grocery and restocking your snack and meal supplies.

Plan, plan, plan.

If you’re driving, you probably have used some type of app to map your journey, now take it a step further. Check out the restaurants along the way to find the ones that have an online menu and see if the food is healthy. Don’t leave your meal to chance. Don’t wait until everyone is ready to eat the first food they see, which can be anything from fried chicken to belly bombers. Even if you have to stop a little early, it’s okay. Flying into an area requires just as much planning. Check the restaurants close to your destination to find the ones that offer the healthiest menu.

When eating in a restaurant, choose off the menu carefully.

If the restaurant has an online menu, all the better. Check it out when you’re not hungry to make the best choice. If you’re staying at a hotel or motel and have a vehicle, you can actually stop and check out the menu. Avoid fried foods and desserts. Stick with grilled food and lean meats. If you’re opting for a sandwich, choose real meat, not processed cured meat. Go with extra veggies and avoid fried if you have the option. Stick with water, unsweetened tea or coffee for drinks.

  • Some healthy foods that travel well in a cooler include raw veggies and hummus dip, hard-boiled eggs, almonds and other nuts and fruit. Eat snacks more frequently when traveling and avoid skipping meals.
  • You can’t get bottled water through airport security, but you can get an empty bottle through. Bring an empty bottle and fill it after security checks at a fountain so you can hydrate on the plane. No matter how you travel, staying hydrated is important.
  • If you’re flying, carry a large purse as your personal item and put your regular purse inside it. That leaves room for snacks like cashews, pistachios and fresh fruit, like bananas. Nuts are a good source of protein and compact enough to carry.
  • If you’re traveling by car, check for local farmer’s markets or be on the watch for roadside stands. It can be fun to seek out healthy food that’s straight from the farm.

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