The Importance Of Mental Fitness

People who live in New York often say a lot of their problem comes from living in the big city. People who live in Louisiana, might blame the floods or other issues for their poor attitude. No matter where you live there are pros and cons. Your happiness all starts with you and your mental fitness. If you stay awake nights worrying about things you can’t control, the issues may be different depending on the location or the same, but regardless, you may not be causing the problem, but you are the one causing the stress. You can control your attitude, but it takes work.

Staying positive is not the same as some types of positive thinking.

Don’t mistake positive thinking for inaction. If you’re out of money but refuse to look for employment because you just know that money will magically appear, since you said a mantra to bring it that’s different from eliminating fear that blocks your thoughts. Being able to separate the fear out and focus on solutions is the key to solving problems.

Lack of good mental fitness affects your body, too.

When left uncontrolled, mind-numbing fear can cause high blood pressure from the chronic stress. Chronic stress leads to hormonal imbalances, shortened lifespan and premature aging and disease. Exercise can help eliminate the hormones of stress, so can meditation, deep breathing exercises and other forms of relaxation. The best way to control stress is improving your mental fitness and focusing first on find a solution and eliminating needless worrying that can stress you,

You don’t have to have a problem to feel out of control if you don’t have mental fitness.

Sometimes, mild stressors can create big problems. It doesn’t have to be much. It can be a barking dog, bad driver ahead of you or a cranky salesperson in a store. It all builds up if you let it. How do you get over these mild environmental problems and not let them build? By looking at them for what they are…merely minor nuisances. It’s been noted that chronic stress can increase the potential of death. Mild stress increased the risk of lethal heart disease and stroke by 29% and moderate stress increased it by 43%, while a lifestyle of high stress increased it by 94%.

  • Developing a positive attitude is just as important as exercising. In fact, it makes exercising easier. Exercising also reduces stress and can play a big role in reducing anxiety and depression.
  • Staying active and social is important. Studies show that having good friends and a healthy social life can extend your lifespan. Having fun and laughing is the best medicine for any condition.
  • Having an attitude of gratitude is important for good mental health. Instead of looking at what you don’t have, it’s important to appreciate what you do have.
  • Schedule time for yourself to improve your mental and physical health. During those hours schedule healthy activities and if you need to, some alone time for meditation, contemplation and relaxation.

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