Different Workouts For Different Body Types

There are three basic body types, ectomorphs, endomorphs, and mesomorphs. Each body type has similar exercise requirements, but they differ slightly based on their body type. You can use workouts for different body types once you identify the type of body that you have. The theory about using different exercises comes from the fact that each body type looks different and has different needs.

Adjusting your workout to the needs of your body.

People with an ectomorph-style body have a thin, willowy appearance. Bulking up is often one of their goals. Endomorph body styles are wider and have a lot of body fat. Not all endomorphs are overweight, but many tend to be that way. Burning more calories, losing fat, and building muscle tissue is normally their goal. The group that’s almost blessed is the mesomorph group that has an athletic body. They are flexible and seldom have excess fat.

HIIT workouts and circuit training with shorter breaks between stations help endomorph bodies.

High intensity interval training—HIIT— burns a lot of calories in a shorter time. That helps burn fat and improves the potential for endomorph body types to lose weight. Circuit training, another form of interval training, gets similar results. In both situations, you workout at peak performance and then change pace. For HIIT, it’s a recovery pace. For circuit training, it’s a short rest between exercises. Your workout should include all types of exercise, including strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance training.

People with ectomorph body types tend to be thin and lack muscles.

Focusing more on building muscles helps ectomorphs, so strength training is imperative. Using weights is best. Lifting heavier weights and doing fewer repetitions builds muscle faster. Use bench presses, squats, or deadlifts. Use enough weight so you’re exhausted after five to twelve repetitions. If you do bodyweight exercises, work up to the point where you can add weights to make it more difficult. Make sure you target all muscle groups. Doing full-body workouts with kettlebells can help you do that. Like endomorphs, you also need other types of exercise that include endurance, flexibility, and balance.

  • If you’re lucky enough to have a mesomorph body type, doing any balanced workout will keep your athletic body in shape. Not all mesomorphs are perfect, so if you need to lose weight or gain muscle, work on those problem areas first.
  • Anyone who needs to lose weight should also include exercises like burpees, pushups, and lunges. Cardio workouts burn a lot of calories coming from both lean muscle tissue and fat. That can diminish muscle tissue. Increasing muscle tissue should be the goal for all body types.
  • Spot exercises build specific muscle groups but won’t help you lose fat in only that area. If you want to lose belly fat, for instance, you must lose it all over your body.
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