Amazing Foods To Fight Depression

If you live in Louisiana, you probably know someone battling depression. There are many ways to fight depression, from exercising regularly to changing the foods you eat. Of course, we’re not talking about severe depression. You can still change your diet and add exercise but always seek professional help. Depression can occur for many reasons. Some are more obvious, like losing a loved one. Some are hidden. Depression can also occur due to biological factors.

Start by cutting out sugar.

No matter how many healthy foods you add to your diet, if you’re mixing them with food laden with added sugar, you won’t feel better physically or mentally. Some studies show sugar interferes with the communication between the brain and the gut. A diet high in sugar encourages harmful microbes to grow and limits beneficial ones. Beneficial bacteria improve communication and have a chemical influence that reduces anxiety, obesity, and depression.

Choose probiotics and prebiotics to boost your mood.

If your diet is primarily red or processed meat, high-fat foods like fried foods, potatoes, or food with added sugar, it kills the beneficial microbes. Replenish them with probiotic food, like yogurt or sauerkraut. Feeding the beneficial microbes also helps. You do that with prebiotics. Prebiotics are foods with soluble fiber. The fiber feeds beneficial microbes and helps diversify your gut microbiome. Whole grains, fruits, and vegetables like avocados and broccoli, and beans or lentils are excellent additions that help.

Adding spices to your meals can also help with depression.

Saffron is a golden spice that’s been used to flavor and color dishes. It’s been used for years to fight depression. Studies show that it offers a promising aid. It increases serotonin levels. Serotonin is a mood elevator. Other studies show it significantly improved the symptoms of depression when compared to a placebo. A cup of chamomile tea has long been used for relaxation, but a 2012 study showed it also helped depression. Just smelling lavender oil throughout the night by putting it on your pillow can also help lift mild depression.

  • Food high in vitamin D, such as fatty fish like salmon or canned tuna, can lift your spirits. You can also increase vitamin D by safe sunning. Walk in the park with your shoes off, you’ll get vitamin D, enjoy the beauty of nature, and experience grounding that’s beneficial for relaxation.
  • Add foods with Omega-3 fatty acids to your diet and decrease foods with omega-6. It’s all about a better balance between the two. Again, fatty fish are high in omega-3. Fried foods and processed foods are often high in omega-6.
  • Eat food containing antioxidants. Foods containing beta-carotene include broccoli, cantaloupe, and spinach. Foods high in vitamin C are blueberries or citrus fruit. Foods high in vitamin E include nuts and seeds.
  • Go for foods with tryptophan. Tryptophan is an amino acid necessary for the production of serotonin. Nibble on smaller amounts of beans and peas, poultry, or yogurt throughout the day to relieve the symptoms of depression.

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