Now A Baton Rouge Fitness Coach Can Help More People Using Less Time

How do people succeed in business? They do it by finding ways to be more productive. If you're a fitness coach in Baton Rouge, there's a way you can do it. While private sessions of personal training are the ultimate in service, not everyone can afford them. That's why group sessions were created. The trainer could charge less for his or her time per person, since the whole group paid for the trainer's time. Group sessions also helped eliminate the problem faced by many trainers, cancellations. Now you can take it a step further and offer another service, online training.

Online training is the ultimate when it comes to using your time wisely.

Even group sessions can be too costly for some people. These are often the people the at need your help the most. Now you can make training affordable for everyone by using an app that can be customized for your business. It's a turnkey application that allows you to add your own workout videos or dietary advice. For about a dollar a day, your clients can get the benefit of your expertise, and you'll reap the benefits of maximizing your time.

The app provides reporting tools, professional meal planning and so much more.

While it does offer hundreds of workout videos and a video exercise planner, you can also make your own videos for the program, to keep it more personal and enhance your brand. The menu planning portion allows food substitutions for clients who don't like the answer to "What's for dinner?" It even provides recipes and a grocery list with a bar code scanner. What could be simpler for your client?

If you want to keep it more personal, schedule in-app communications with your client.

One reason personal training is so beneficial is that it provides accountability. You can do that with this app. You can schedule a time with each client based on your pricing, time frame and client needs, so they get the personal touch. They can share the information on their goal tracking dashboard and you can help them make adjustments to get even better results.

  • You spent a lot of time learning about the body and how to help people become healthier. Now you can share it with others at a low price that fits their budget, while also benefiting yours.
  • This app can help you provide more personalized service to your clients, since it allows you to spend more time with face-to-face customers, while still maintaining a stream of passive income.
  • Some trainers use the app as a side benefit for clients. Others market the option directly. For those that market it, working with businesses to help employees is often quite rewarding.
  • You'll love how much benefit it provides for people that you might not otherwise reach. Often this is the first place people start on their road to fitness.

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Now A Baton Rouge Fitness Coach Can Help More People Using Less Time

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