Best Arm Toning Exercises

Summer is just around the corner. That means you’ll wear short-sleeved or sleeveless tops that expose your arm. The problems can range from batwings to skinny arms that look like twigs. It doesn’t matter what gender you are, looking fitter is sexy. There’s still time to firm your arms with toning exercises. They won’t build big muscles but they will make you look and feel more attractive on the beach, during play, or in evening wear. Get rid of flabby arms in a few months and spend your summer gathering compliments.

Build core muscles and firm your upper body as you tone your arms.

You don’t have to have weights to tone your arms. You can use your body weight. Simple exercises like push-ups or planks can sculpt your arms. The traditional push-up places hands at shoulder-width. It works on the forearm and triceps. Holding your hands closer together helps eliminate bat wings. Placing your hands further apart tones the triceps and shoulders.

If you have weights these exercises get fast results.

If you don’t have weights, you can use household items, like bottles of water, for weights. Bicep curls work the bicep and lower arm. By doing them palm-up, palm-down, or doing a hammer curl where the bottle is held vertically, you’ll work the biceps on different planes to get better results. Sit in a chair with your arms to the sides to do an incline curl. Bicep curls are some of the most effective exercises for toning arms.

Do chair dips that work your arms and your abs.

Use a straight-back chair with no arms and sturdy enough not to move as you move. You can also use a sturdy coffee table. Sit with your bottom close to the front edge, extending your legs and lightly touching your heels on the floor. Lift yourself by grabbing the sides of the chairs and slide yourself forward. Lower your buttocks beyond the edge of the chair until your arms are parallel to the floor and your elbows are at a 90-degree angle. You may not be able to go that low initially, so just lower as far as you comfortably can while maintaining control. Hold for a few seconds then lift yourself back into the chair.

  • Another tricep workout to eliminate upper arm flabby skin is the overhead extension. You don’t need weights. Hold one end of a sheet firmly in your hands and step on the other end. Pull up with one hand against the resistance, then the other, then both.
  • Build other muscles in your arms by modifying a plank. Do high planks with your upper body weight resting on your palms or a low plank with your weight on your forearms.
  • Build your arm strength like boxers and throw a few punches. You don’t have to hit anyone to exercise your arm muscles. Throwing air punches can do the trick for you. Hold weights to make it more difficult.
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