The Millennials Workout

One of the biggest groups in the workforce today is millennials. They’re the group of people born between 1981 and 1996. They’ve witnessed many changes in the workplace and how they workout. Exercising and fitness is a top priority. A recent study showed it was almost as important as family is for millennials. Since many fitness changes came while they were young, millennials aren’t locked into a particular program by habit. They consume healthier meals, smoke less, and exercise regularly. Eating healthy is more important than dieting to most millennials.

Millennials tend to work out daily.

Since wellness is important, doing the things that keep millennials well is also a priority. Technology plays a huge role in maintaining good health. Using gadgets that help them monitor their health, like a heart rate monitor, is used frequently by that age group. Apps, technology, and videos are also part of millennial fitness programs. They tend to spend more money on fitness than older groups, even if their income is less.

Millennials tend to look ready for exercise at any time.

Athletic wear is popular with millennials, even if they aren’t working out. Nike, Lululemon, and Athleta are popular clothing often worn for the freedom of movement. Since millennials are involved in environmental causes and nature, walking in nature is a big part of their free time and workout program. Millennials use our wellness coaching program to improve their health and get a new perspective.

Millennials demand more for their exercise time.

There’s a reason HIIT—high intensity interval training—and CrossFit have become so popular. It’s quicker, so millennials love it. They start exercising, sweat it out, and spend a shorter time doing it. They finish quicker than with traditional workouts. They don’t waste time with treadmills since treadmills don’t provide as much benefit per hour they spend. Many millennials will use several workout methods from small groups to running to guided video training. They tend to appreciate the immediacy of on-demand fitness and turn their backs on traditional gyms.

  • You can workout like a millennial without spending most of your income. Wellness on a Dime offers healthy meal planning, a video exercise planner with videos, telemedicine services, wellness coaching, and health coaching.
  • Mental well-being is also a priority for Millennials. It’s one reason we include it as part of our program at Wellness on a Dime. We focus on your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
  • Millennials, also known as Generation Y, know that everyone is different and require different diets and exercise programs to address their needs. It’s why Fitness on a Dime focuses on personalized programs.
  • Many of the same traits and beliefs Millennials hold Gen Z also hold. Our online program is perfect for them and for Boomers and the Silent Generation. They find it easy to use.

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