How To Properly Detox

Between toxic sites and flooding, people in Louisiana may find that a detox makes them feel better. It also helps if you’ve made poor dietary choices and need a dietary reset. Look at the product you use in your own home. Shampoo, cleaning products, and abuse of cigarettes, alcohol, or food add to the problem. Detoxing isn’t a new fad. It’s been around for years. It’s a way to give your organs a rest, remove toxins, let inflammation subside, and allow your body to build new healthy cells.

Don’t just jump into a detox.

Plan your detox for the best success. Start slowly if you’re giving up bad habits like alcohol abuse, smoking cigarettes, or abusing medication or illegal drugs. If you’re trying to eliminate the toxins from food, slowly cutting back on highly processed food and refined sugar will help. You can switch household cleaners to something environmentally friendly. Instead of a commercial toilet and bathroom cleaner, use distilled vinegar and sprinkle baking soda for a lightly abrasive scrub.

Find a time you can take several days off without stress.

Schedule your day or two of detox. Make it a time you can eliminate stress from your life and spend time alone, with no demands. Learn relaxation techniques you can use if you’re faced with stress. You can meditate, do deep breathing, or do a form of exercise that helps you relax, such as yoga and tai chi. Spend a few weeks before detoxing to help perfect your technique.

Look for a program that fits your needs.

You can detox with smoothies and fruit or vegetable juices or do a water fast. Detoxing is about flushing out toxins and also giving your digestive system a rest. It’s one of the oldest ways people use and instinctive. If you don’t feel good, you rest and limit your eating. Beet juice detox, watermelon juice, cucumber lemonade, an ACV detox, and coconut water detox are a few options.

  • Detoxing can occur for a variety of reasons. By eliminating toxins, it can improve skin, aid in losing fat, and diminish bloating. Your body does its own detox via the colon, kidneys, and liver. Your detoxing gives your body rest and improves that elimination through your system.
  • If you’re under stress with a busy schedule, put detoxing on the back burner. It will just cause more anxiety and stress if you’re constantly thinking of everything you need to do. Opt for a massage or sauna instead.
  • If you’re using fruit and vegetable juice to detox, make sure you include the fiber from the fruit. Blend the fruits and vegetables, rather than juice them. The fiber helps you feel fuller.
  • Not everyone should attempt a detox. If you have a health condition, are diabetic, pregnant, lactating, or are taking medication, always check with your health care professional first.

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