Get Into Sports As An Adult

You can make exercise fun by doing it with others. That doesn’t necessarily mean joining a Jazzercise or other group exercise class. It could mean joining an adult sports league or meeting with people for a less formal, but consistent, sports competition. Playing, whether you’re playing softball or paintball, keeps you active. It also provides social interaction and makes exercise fun.

One reason dancing is such good exercise is the same reason adult sports leagues are good.

Team sports or social activities like dancing are fun. Both types of activities keep you moving. Since they’re fun, you’re more likely to do them than you would traditional calisthenics, weightlifting, or jogging. You can’t go dancing without a partner, just like you can’t participate on an adult sports team without other team members. These are people that depend on your attendance. They keep you accountable so you’ll be more likely to show.

You may require more conditioning if you’re playing certain sports.

If you join a ski race team, you should condition your body over the summer. You don’t just take a ski lift to the mountain top and start racing without conditioning. Some adult sports teams workout together to ensure everyone is in good condition and increase the chances of winning. They also may workout together because it’s more enjoyable and encourages team members to exercise. People don’t want to let down the team with an injury they could have prevented if they had worked out with the group.

Socializing with others provides mental health benefits.

Studies show that people with a better social life live longer. Laughter makes you healthier. People who smile live a longer life. Joining an adult sports team provides socialization and camaraderie with others. Group sports become an extended community where people laugh, enjoy each other’s company, and often smile far more than they would if they were at home alone. Having fun reduces stress and automatically puts you in a community with like-minded people who want to enjoy life.

  • Adult sports help improve your self-discipline. Sometimes, you may feel like quitting or taking a pass on practice or a game. Since others hold you accountable, you do it, boosting your self-discipline.
  • You’ll make connections that can help you in life. They may benefit you in business or help you with information to improve your life or health.
  • You’ll improve your confidence when you play on a sports team as an adult. Knowing you still have it and still swinging at the ball….even if you don’t hit it out of the park, goes a long way in confidence building.
  • People often find it hard to cultivate friendships after they are out of school. Group sports help you do it. Joining is especially good for people who recently moved into an area and know nobody there.

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