The Importance Of Stress Management In Weight Loss

Even though it’s beautiful and the people are friendly, just like living anywhere, there are some stressful times for everyone living in Louisiana. If you’re having problems with weight loss, consider stress management. Stress is a killer. It can affect the entire body and cause you to gain weight. That’s right! It’s all about the hormones created when you feel stressed and many of the chemical reactions in the body. Maybe the same things that put you on tilt also put pounds on your belly.

Hormones are messengers that trigger chemical reactions.

The body is an amazing machine. It’s programmed for survival. In prehistoric times, people survived dangers by fighting or running. The body had to make changes to improve its performance. It releases hormones, like cortisol, to signal the body. More blood had to be sent to the extremities, so some functions that weren’t vital for the moment were slowed, like digestion. The heart rate increases and you breathe more rapidly to provide more oxygen to the brain and muscles. Pupils dilate to improve vision by letting more light in the eyes. Muscles tense and other changes prepare the body for the impending danger.

Today’s stressors are more insidious.

Everyone can understand how being attacked by a wild animal could create stress, but you may not be aware of how everyday things can create the same problem. Sounds and images can create stress, even though they’re only a video. A crying baby, an angry boss, or even traffic jams are stressful. That causes the body to release cortisol. Due to many things, including slowed digestion, it causes fat to accumulate in the abdomen.

Cortisol causes sugar cravings.

Cortisol provides the second wind to continue fighting or running when your initial reserves deplete. It’s why it causes sugar cravings and makes your body demand more energy. It can also slow your metabolism to preserve the energy for escape or victory. You’ll burn fewer calories making it even harder to lose weight. It can cause difficulty sleeping. Lack of sleep causes increased ghrelin—the hunger hormone. Stress can also wear you out, diminishing your energy for exercise.

  • One of the best ways to control stress is through exercise. Exercise mimics fighting or running, which burns off stress-related hormones and gets you back to normal.
  • You may feel too tired to work out, but if you push through it and take the first step, you’ll be amazed at how it can boost your energy level and make you feel less stressed. Exercise also helps you sleep better, to reduce the production of ghrelin.
  • Other ways to deal with stress include deep breathing techniques, meditation, and an attitude of gratitude. Changing your focus to a more positive one can change your life and the shape of your body.
  • Take charge of your feelings. You can’t control what anyone else does, but you can control how you react to their behavior. Carry a bottle of water with you at all times. When you feel stressed, drink some water and wash away that feeling.

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