Fun Fit Activities To Do With The Kids

If you struggle to make the time for your workout because of job and family responsibilities, it’s easy to make time for both. You can do fun fit activities with your kids that everyone will enjoy. Kids learn what they live. If you’re putting them on a path to fitness, you’re helping them to become healthy adults. Being active together helps improve their cognitive abilities and creates memories that will last forever. These activities also benefit you and reduce the boredom of doing the same workout continuously. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Rock climbing, hiking, or bike riding can keep everyone active.

Pack a lunch and go for a hike. You can hike in wooded areas or along a beach. The sand makes it more of a challenge. Rock climbing is also fun and a good diversion from typical family fun. Make holiday gifts something that keeps everyone active. Get the whole family bikes and ride together. If you don’t have hiking paths near you, go for a walk. Don’t forget the picnic lunch either. Make the lunch a healthy option that everyone likes.

Swimming together is a good family activity.

If you don’t know how to swim, it’s a good time to learn. Enroll the whole family in a beginner’s class and learn with the kids. Don’t be embarrassed if they do better than you do. It’s easier to learn to swim when you’re a kid. If everyone knows how to swim, watersports can be fun. Water tag and basketball using a beach ball are two good ways to start. If you’re in a pool, do poolside exercises or swimming competitions. Water polo and water aerobics are also fun.

Exercise with the kids.

You can exercise with children of all ages, including babies. If you exercise with your baby, you can make them part of your routine. Sit them on your belly while you do crunches. When you sit up, do peek-a-boo at the top. For toddlers and younger children, jumping jacks and windmills are simple and fun. A hula hoop challenge and jumping rope are other exercises that work your entire body and don’t require expensive equipment. If bikes are too expensive for everyone, a hula hoop or jump rope isn’t and can provide both good exercise and fun.

  • Only use your electronics or phone to get directions if necessary and for emergencies. One of the hardest habits for parents and kids to break is disconnecting from their cell phones. It’s the best habit to break.
  • Shoot hoops with the kids or make an obstacle course and challenge them to go through it. Invite the neighborhood kids and parents to join in your efforts to become healthier and help your kids get fit.
  • Dancing is an activity anyone can do. Turn up the music and dance. Incorporate some of your exercise moves, like a squat, into the dance. Don’t worry about how well you or the kids dance. It’s all about getting the body moving.
  • Play follow-the-leader but use the environment to make it more difficult, like trying to jump over low hurdles in your path.

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