The Most Effective Stretching Exercises For Flexibility

Stretching exercises are the most effective way to increase flexibility. Include them in every workout to warm up and cool down. Dynamic stretches are best for warming up. Static stretches are best for cooling down. The difference between the two is movement. Dynamic stretches move the body like the exercise you’re about to do. Static stretches move and hold, like toe-touching. They prevent blood from pooling in the extremities and increase the range of motion when the muscles are warmed and flexible.

Stretch to the sky.

This stretch is simple and effective. When you first awaken and are still in bed, stretch your arms to your sides and back. Get out of bed and lift your hands, attempting to touch the ceiling. You’ll feel the muscles in your back relax. Keeping your hands outstretched, lean to the right, back up, and then to the left. Lower your arms and stretch them to the side as you twist your upper arms, keeping your lower body stationary.

Make your stretching more effective by doing them when your muscles are warm.

Your muscles are more flexible and stretch further when they’re warm. Start with the easiest to warm the muscles. Cross your arms and stretch them behind your back. Move to the child yoga pose. It begins on your hands and knees with your palms on the floor. Move your body back and down, keeping your hands stationary. Your bottom is on your heels, your chest is on your thighs, and your forehead is on the floor. Follow it with a cobra pose.

Relieve back pain, boost flexibility, and work your core muscles with two yoga poses.

Two yoga poses that stretch and relax your muscles combine to create a stretch that boosts flexibility. The cow pose starts on hands and knees. You raise your head as you relax your abdominal muscles, allowing your belly to drop. Hold that position for a few seconds, then return to the starting position. Combine that with the cat pose. Begin on your hands and knees, but arch your back like an angry cat, pulling your stomach in tight. As you do, lower your head. Hold then return to starting position. Alternate them, moving from cow pose back to start and into cat pose.

  • Hamstring stretches are effective ways to warm the muscles for running. If your hamstrings are tight, you can increase flexibility by laying on your back, looping a towel over one foot, and pulling it as high as you can, keeping the other leg on the floor.
  • Stretch by bending over and dropping your hands in front. Bend at the waist and go as far down as you comfortably can.
  • Including stretching in your workout not only helps improve range of motion and warms muscles, but it also boosts posture. That can improve digestion, reduce constipation, improve breathing, and prevent back and other muscle issues.
  • An outer hip stretch can help prevent muscle injury and relieve back pain. Lay on the floor with your arms outstretched, knees bent, and feet flat. Drop your legs to one side, lift the arm on that side, and touch the other side, twisting your upper body in the opposite direction.

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