Natural Ways To Control Hunger

Are you tired of spending money on over-the-counter diet aids that control hunger? Some of those pills, liquids, and diet foods exacerbate the problem, or upset your stomach, so eating sounds repulsive. Natural ways to control hunger are readily available in most people’s kitchens. In most cases, these have little or no negative consequences, and some have additional health benefits.

Keep cold water in your refrigerator and you’ll be ready for most hunger pangs.

Sometimes, the body signals get confused, and you think you’re hungry but aren’t. You crave juicy fruits or can’t decide what it is, so you eat everything in sight. Often, you’re simply thirsty, and the mild dehydration tricks you into thinking you’re hungry. Keeping a bottle of water with you constantly can diminish or eliminate cravings. Water also fills you up, so you’ll eat less when you do eat. If you make that water icy-cold, it burns extra calories to warm your body.

Keep healthy snacks ready.

Healthy snacks are low in calories and nutrient dense. They’re a combination of protein and healthy carbs. Apple slices with peanut butter are just one example. The carbs and sugar in the apple provide a quick energy fix, while the protein and fiber in the apple and peanut butter digest slower and keep you feeling full longer. Consuming a protein-carbohydrate snack after working out curbs your appetite and helps boost recovery.

Use good conversation to slow eating.

Conversing during a meal makes you eat slower, so your stomach has time to signal to the brain that it’s full. You can do the same thing by eating mindfully and savoring every bite. You’ll enjoy the flavor and texture while slowing the process of eating. Keeping a food journal that also identifies how you felt right before you ate can aid in slowing emotional eating that can occur if you’re stressed, angry, or sad.

  • Boost the protein, fiber, and healthy fat in your diet. Having an avocado can boost healthy fat and fiber, while eggs, nuts, and lean meats increase protein and healthy fats. You’ll stay full longer.
  • Have oatmeal on hand to fill that hunger void. Top it with nuts and fruit for breakfast or a snack. It can prevent hunger by boosting fiber and protein.
  • If water isn’t enough to stop your hunger, go for infused water. Make infused water by adding fruits, vegetables, or herbs to water and allowing their flavors to enhance the taste, without adding additional calories.
  • Keep crunchy vegetables and fresh fruit cleaned, cut, and snack ready in the refrigerator. Snacking on these throughout the day provides nutrients and keeps your hunger at bay without adding tons of calories.

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