Can Exercise Help You Live Longer

How can exercise help you live longer? It can help reduce the risk of obesity. Nine of the ten states with the top obesity rate are in the south. For instance, Louisiana is number seven in the nation. Obesity puts you at risk of serious conditions. Obesity increases the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and even covid-19. The human body was created for physical exertion. However, a modern style of living has limited our needs. People can order in and no longer even have to get up and move to eat. Work has become moving fingers on the keyboard, but you need to move your body to stay fit.

Lack of exercise can make you sicker.

The body was created to renew itself. Exercise stimulates the production of stem cells that can replace old cells that are dying. Increased movement pushes fluid into the joints to keep them lubricated and increases the flexibility and strength of muscles. Exercise even increases the friendly microbes in the gut that help with digestion, boosts the immune system and can even improve mood. A study at Cleveland Clinic and New York School of Medicine found obesity was the leading cause of preventable deaths. Tobacco use was second, followed by high blood pressure and diabetes, which are also linked to obesity.

Exercise not only helps create new cells, it protects cells, too.

To be your healthiest, you need a lifestyle that includes a healthy diet, exercise, adequate sleep, hydration and more. On that list, diet is the most important, but exercise comes in a close second. Not only does exercise help create stem cells that can replace cells in the body as they die, it also protects each cell by increasing the length of the telomere. Telomeres protect the DNA and prevent unraveling that damages it. It acts like the plastic aglets on the end of the shoelace, taking the abuse so it doesn’t damage the genes. The longer a telomere, the longer the DNA remains intact and the more a cell can replicate. That means you’ll look younger and live longer.

Increasing your exercise can be free.

In fact, in some cases, you can increase your exercise and make money if you’re doing something active to boost your income. Increasing your daily steps can be a start. An Australian study found that when sedentary people increased their activity to 10,000 a day, it reduced mortality by up to 40%. Other studies showed that adding an additional 3,000 steps lowered the risk of dying by 12%.

Exercise can help reduce the risk of serious conditions, and also relieve painful conditions like back pain and arthritis. Best of all, no matter what your age or present lifestyle, you can increase your exercise.

Doctors who repair joints often suggest patients increase exercise before they repair the joint. That boosts the body’s creation of stem cells that can help improve healing after surgery.

Exercise increases the body’s creation of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps the blood vessels to relax, which lowers blood pressure. One study found that just four weeks of mild exercise, like tai chi, lowered blood pressure significantly.

When you exercise, you also burn off the hormones of stress and replace them with hormones that make you feel good. Exercise is also an adjunct treatment for depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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Can Exercise Help You Live Longer