Is There An Optimal Time Of Day To Workout?

People are always looking at the best time of day to workout and when they get maximum results. Who wouldn’t want that? The answer is simple. The best time to workout is the best time for you and the time you’ll be able to do it on a regular basis. If you jump out of bed the first thing in the morning and are ready to go, you’re a good candidate for working out in the morning. Not everyone functions that well in the morning, so their optimal time may be later.

What time is best based on your energy level?

If you love the feeling of getting your energy flowing with a great workout, the first thing in the morning is perfect for you. Working out on an empty stomach, after your long nighttime fast while you slept, can help burn the fat that’s stored to use as energy. It also trains your body to burn stored fat. Also, people don’t begin to warm their muscles or function their best until noon or later. That makes working out at noon or after work is best.

Boost your endurance if you’re training for a marathon, or Ironman style event.

If your workout is for more than just good health, but leading up to an endurance style event, like the Ironman or a marathon, then working out later in the day may be the most beneficial for you. Your muscles are warmed and have maximum glycogen stored. It’s attained about two to three hours after a meal and keeps your body boosted with plenty of glycogen reserves to keep you functioning at your peak performance throughout your exercise time.

Are you pumping iron and building strength?

If you want to build muscles, especially if you’re NOT a morning person, move that morning workout to noon or later in the day. The extra time you spend up and moving increases the temperature in your body, which is lowered by sleep. You also will have more fuel from meals. Combine that with a higher body temperature and you’ll improve your performance.

  • Not everyone can workout at the time that’s best for a specific activity. Exercising regularly is more important than exercising at the perfect time for the activity.
  • To ensure you workout regularly, put your workout time on your schedule and keep it as you would any appointment. If your mornings are too rushed, schedule it for a time after work. If you often work overtime, get your workout done the first thing in the morning.
  • Some people love to workout at the end of the day to eliminate the stresses of the day. Others love getting their circulation going the first thing in the morning to clear their head and prepare for the day’s work.
  • No matter when you workout, always have a preworkout and post workout snack. It should be a combination of protein and carbohydrates, like apple slices and peanut butter.

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